Rhino DB150 "Ditch Bank" Mower $3900!

picture of Db150
This is a Rhino "ditch bank" or boom rotary cutter / mower. This model is designed to let your tractor stay to the left of the cutting path. With this type of configuration, your tractor can stay up on the flat road area, while the mower reaches down to mow the slope of the ditch area.
This design also allows you to mow under overhanging trees or other obstacles more easily. The tractor's PTO drives a hydraulic pump, which in turn drives a motor mounted to the blade spindle. Without a driveshaft going to the main mower unit, the mower can be operated at a greater degree of angles for better cutting of certain terrain types.
This mower has been used, but not very much. As you can see from the pictures, the 2 blades are still in good shape, and the skid shoe that runs the length of the mower deck shows very little, if any wear.
It has a 60" cutting width, cuts up to 1" diameter material, and requires at least 60 HP.
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